About us

Talk-n Trash Valet Service is full service waste management company in Atlanta that specializes in door-to-door waste pickup. Talk-n Trash Valet Service is a reliable service that helps keep the community clean to insure residents are satisfied. We also specialize in waste or junk pickup from your property to a waste management facility.

We are a great-added amenity for multi-family communities, condos, apartments and senior/disability communities. We service all types of residence communities including mid-rise apartments, garden style apartments, urban high-rise apartments and more.

Communities select Talk-n Trash Valet to enhance their community asset value and to commensurate their revenue streams.  We are a fully insurance Limited Liability Company operating in the State of Georgia.

Why should you use Talk-n Trash Valet

  • No more carrying garbage down long flights of steps or walking long distances to the dumpster

  • No more smelly overfilling dirty dumpsters

  • No more putting trash on top of your car

  • No more disputes on whose turn it is to take out the trash

  • No more taking out the trash during late night hours

  • Great for single parents

  • It is an added convenience for community residents

  • Clean community equals a happy residence